Talent Q Tests

What Is Talent Q?

Talent Q is a global assessment company that is part of the Korn Ferry Hay group. The Talent Q psychometric exams are growing increasingly popular and are frequently found as part of the battery of assessments employers use for pre-employment screening of graduates and job-seekers. If the applicant is applying for a position as a manager, supervisor, or any other high-level employee, it is likely they will be asked to take a set of Talent Q tests. The tests range from the numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning exams often required by employers during the hiring process to various personality tests that help employers to assess various areas of candidates’ workplace styles and personalities.

These tests are second-generation psychometric tests, which means that Talent Q’s assessment developers gathered all the data from tests previously offered separately and grouped it together to form new, responsive tests. The tests now use a technique known as computer adaptive testing—or CAT—to better assess an applicant’s skill and knowledge. The tests adapt to the job-seekers as they move through the test and adjust the difficulty of the questions as the test-taker answers the questions. As more questions are answered correctly, the test questions become increasingly difficult until they exceed the test-taker’s ability. From there, they will adjust downward until they are at the right level. This method of testing allows Talent Q to shorten test times. In the case of their Elements series, each Element test has a maximum time of sixteen minutes for the test because of this adaptive testing system. As such, passing requires practice and preparation with the tests required for the applicant’s specific position. Practising with Talent Q assessments will help prepare the applicant for the specific format of the assessments, which differs in many ways from most other aptitude exams.

What Are Talent Q Assessments?

Talent Q assessments are online pre-employment psychometric tests. They test graduates and job-seekers in many different areas of skill and knowledge. Talent Q offers the usual numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests along with several personality testing options, as mentioned above. However, these exams are split into several categories of tests, which all take a slightly different approach to the testing. The intent with these tests is to make them flexible enough to be used in a broad range of applications involving hiring, development, team-building, and potential. This is part of the reason for using the adaptive testing technique as it makes the exams more flexible in screening the graduates and job-seekers. Talent Q offers the following test packages:

->Aspects Styles

->Aspects Ability




In addition, Talent Q also offers leadership potential tests and all-inclusive options.

What to Expect on Talent Q Assessments?

->Elements and Aspects Verbal Reasoning Assessments
The Elements Verbal Reasoning Test is focused on screening individuals for reading, comprehension, and analytical skills. The Aspects Verbal Reasoning Assessment, on the other hand, focuses on screening individuals for cognitive and comprehension aptitudes. Like the Elements Verbal Reasoning Assessment, the Aspects version contains paragraphs of information and asks questions about them.

->Elements and Aspects Numerical Reasoning Assessments
The Elements Numerical Reasoning Test is used for screening job seekers and graduates in the hiring and recruitment process alongside the Elements Verbal Reasoning Assessment. This assessment focuses on evaluating and testing the individuals’ aptitude for deducing results based on observation of numerically represented data. The Aspects Numerical Reasoning Assessment, on the other hand, focuses on data represented in tabular form and the ability of test-takers to analyze the data given in the table.

->Elements Logical Reasoning Assessment
The Elements Logical Reasoning Test does not have an exact equivalent on the Aspects Ability line of tests. The closest one to it is the Aspects Ability Checking test, which is briefly discussed below. The Elements Logical Reasoning Assessment focuses on evaluating an applicant’s ability to analyze new information they are unaccustomed to and use it to come to a conclusion. The test typically contains twelve questions.

->Aspects Ability Checking Assessment
The Aspects Ability Checking Assessment is the closest match to the Elements Logical Reasoning Assessment. This psychometric assessment tests an applicant’s ability to quickly and efficiently find or recognize the fallacy in the given information.

->Dimensions Personality Assessment
The Dimensions Personality Test focuses on assessing workplace behaviour. The online test screens job seekers and graduates for various key behaviours at work, and the questions are meant to be customizable for employers so that they can tailor it to help them find the best fit for their position.

->Drivers Assessment
Like the Dimensions psychometric test, the Drivers Assessment offers employers insight into candidates’ personalities, but it does so by helping identify the drivers that motivate the individual applying.

->Situation Judgment Assessments (SJT)

How to Prepare for Talent Q Assessments?

The best way to prepare for Talent Q assessments is to practice the ones you know you will need to take. Talent Q assessments are different in format and function from most other online psychometric testing for pre-employment and hiring processes. Because of this, practising and preparing become even more imperative to get you ready for taking the test. Passing the various exams without preparation will be nearly impossible, particularly with the tight time allowed for the test.

Talent Q Test Tips

->Take online practice tests that are similar to the ones you will be required to take.

->Improve speed and accuracy through taking mathematics or language quizzes with types of questions similar to those on the tests you are taking.

->Complete logic puzzles to improve logical reasoning ability and aptitude.

->Avoid distractions both while practising or while completing the real test. How you practice will determine how you perform when you sit for the real exam.

->Keep paper, pen or pencil, and calculator on hand as you work through the tests, particularly for the numerical tests.

Companies That Use Talent-Q Tests

These are some of the many companies that use Talent-Q assessment:


Although Talent Q’s exams are different from those offered by many pre-employment psychometric test providers, it is possible to excel on these assessments. With proper preparation and practice, graduates and job seekers will be able to stand out in the Talent Q assessments required for their recruitment process. Using the practice questions and answers provided in the sample above along with other preparation exams, you should be well prepared for your Talent Q aptitude assessments.