MI6 Tests

What Is MI6?

MI6 is the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service. It is headquartered in London and has agents stationed around the globe. The goal of MI6 is to make the UK safer and more successful. To accomplish this, they operate clandestinely throughout various parts of the world. Their primary activities are halting terrorist behaviour, monitoring and mitigating the actions of hostile states, and increasing cyber-security. They work with various levels of law enforcement and international elements to achieve these goals. Being a secret service agent is an onerous moral responsibility and MI6’s core values reflect that.


MI6 has a listing of vacant positions on its website. They are actively hiring diverse employees, particularly women. They have positions available in a multitude of departments for both graduates and senior candidates.

->Operational officers
->Science and technology
->Business support officers
->Trades and services
->Corporate services
->Language specialists

What Qualities Are MI6 Recruiters Looking for?

Working for MI6 entails a lot of physical, emotional, and mental investment. The main skills that MI6 seeks in employees are:

->Technical improvisation
->Lateral thinking
->Emotional detachment
->Firm analytical skills
->Strong communication skills

What Working Benefits Are Provided by MI6?

Aside from the stimulating work environment, MI6 is an attractive place to work due to the many employment benefits they offer.

->25 holiday days off yearly
->Parental leave with adequate pay
->Vouchers for childcare
->Subsidised children’s holiday play-scheme

What Is MI6’s Recruitment Process?

Due to the magnitude of the position you seek, there are numerous assessments involved in the MI6 recruitment process. The entire process takes around six months. In order to be eligible you need to meet a few requirements.

->You must be a UK citizen.
->You must have lived in the UK for the past ten years.
->You must apply from within the UK.
->You need to have no history of drug use or possession.
->You cannot have any criminal background.

Online Application

Hit the “apply now” tab on the MI6 official website to complete an online application.

MI6’s Online Aptitude Test

You will be directed to take an online aptitude test. You will also need to fill out another application detailing your past experience and qualifications. MI6 primarily uses the Cubiks verbal reasoning test to evaluate the skills and aptitudes of applicants. Depending on the position, you may also be asked to take a numerical reasoning test and/or SJT.

->Verbal Reasoning Test
MI6 uses the Cubiks verbal reasoning test. You will need to answer 36 multiple-choice questions in 25 minutes. You will be asked to read passages of text and answer questions about the passages. This test targets your speed, accuracy, reading comprehension, and language fluency. The purpose of the test is to assess your ability to understand written information.

To do well on the verbal reasoning aptitude test you need to understand that all the information you need is contained in the provided passages. As such, it is important that you read the entire passage carefully without skimming. Taking practice tests is the smartest way to increase your chance of receiving a high score. Practice as many questions as you can. Other useful tips include taking a language course and practising your reading and writing skills.

->Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
The purpose of this test is for MI6 to get a clear picture of your actions and reactions in the workplace. This is a multiple-choice test. You will be presented with a scenario that is related to the position you are applying for. About four or five hypothetical solutions will then be listed. You will need to select the most effective course of action.

The most effective method to improve your score on the SJT is to acquaint yourself with typical SJT questions by taking practice tests. Having a comprehensive understanding of the job you are applying for, and all the responsibilities it entails will also aid you on the SJT. The hypothetical situations that you are presented with will be directly related to the job you seek. As such, an understanding of your role can provide you with much-needed insight when taking the SJT

->Numerical Reasoning Test
The numerical reasoning test assesses basic mathematical skills. This test is usually around 20 to 30 minutes. It is designed to assess your deductive ability, as well as your proficiency with numerical data. You will be provided with tables, graphs, and charts containing data. You will need to understand the presented information and answer questions to demonstrate your comprehension. The answers are multiple-choice. As with the verbal reasoning test, practice is the best way to prepare. Be sure to hone your numerical reasoning skills by taking as many practice tests as you can.

Assessment Center & Interview

If you pass the assessment testing phase, you will be directed to an assessment centre. You will spend about half a day partaking in a work-related exercise and taking a cognitive assessment. If successful, you will be required to participate in a follow-up interview.

Final Assessment

If you meet with success in all the previous stages and you are deemed a potential candidate, you will need to participate in a two-day assessment at a specified location. At the assessment centre you will be placed in fabricated situations akin to those you will face on the job. If that goes well, you will receive a job offer, pending a background screening and security check. If the security check clears, you will then be directed to an online medical questionnaire to complete. After that is taken care of, you will receive an official offer of employment.