Cancer Research UK

What Is Cancer Research UK?

Cancer Research UK is a cancer research and awareness charity based in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man. Cancer Research UK employs over 4,000 people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Their employees span from research and tech specialists to fundraising experts that all work tirelessly towards moving scientific research in a positive direction.

There are various specialist teams dedicated to scientific research, marketing, and other areas. Cancer Research UK employees have unique opportunities to develop through workshops designed to build skills and management capabilities. With specific positions dedicated to recent graduates and interns, the opportunities at Cancer Research UK are endless.

What Is Cancer Research UK Hiring Process?

The recruitment process for Cancer Research UK has several steps candidates must pass through before getting hired. The process begins with their online application, which can be submitted through Cancer Research UK’s website.

Online Application

Job seekers will need to submit their CV and answer basic questions dedicated to figuring out their motivational drives. This is to determine right off the bat whether or not individuals are compatible with Cancer Research UK and their company’s culture pre-employment.

Once your application has been reviewed, you’ll be notified if you’re accepted to move on to the next step. If approved, you’ll be asked to complete psychometric assessments relevant to the role, so the nature of these assessments will vary.

Online Psychometric Tests

Cancer Research UK requires potential hires to complete assessments to determine behavioural patterns and technical aptitude. Each of these has a time limit and require a specific score in order to continue on, so it’s imperative to get the best score possible by giving accurate answers within the time constraints.

->Numerical Reasoning Test – This is a multiple-choice exam used to determine your analytical and numerical capabilities. You’ll be given data in the form of charts, graphs, and percentages and asked to interpret the information to find a correct answer.

->Verbal Reasoning Test – In this exam you’ll be given bodies of text to analyze in order to answer the questions provided. This test aims to determine your analytical and written comprehension skills. Be sure to read thoroughly while sticking to a good pace so you don’t run out of time for the questions.

->Logical Reasoning Test – You’ll be presented with shapes in a patterned sequence and asked to figure out what makes the most sense to come next in the pattern. This will show your critical thinking abilities and your analytical skills in a practical way.

Completing these assessments in a timely manner is the key to getting a good score and moving forward to the Assessment Centre. Using practice assessments to familiarize yourself with the formatting of the exams is a good way to prepare yourself and get an idea of what to expect when the real ones come along.

Assessment Centre

In addition to the psychometric assessments, you’ll be asked to participate in a few exercises in their Assessment Centre. The Assessment Centre event takes place either online via Teams or in Cancer Research UK’s head office in Stratford, London. This lasts about half a day and usually takes place in February. It is made up of exercises designed to simulate the activities and experiences you’re likely to come across in your desired role.

->Group Exercise – This requires you to work on a team with other candidates in order to find a solution to a presented problem. You’ll be graded on your reasoning and aptitude to solve common dilemmas with tact and professionalism as well. Be sure to speak confidently, but don’t bulldoze over your teammates in the process. You’re trying to show that you’re the kind of person the company wants on their team.

->Presentation – Depending on the situation, you will be given a topic for your presentation either ahead of time or on the day of. You’ll be provided materials for your research and expected to present your findings or report to a panel. Recruiters will evaluate you based on your speaking skills and how well you’re able to answer questions about your topic from the audience.

->Interview – You’ll meet with representatives of the department you’ve applied under. This gives you the opportunity to hear directly from Cancer Research UK employees and see what it’s like to work there, while also showcasing your competency. For best results, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Cancer Research UK’s company values ahead of time. Keeping these in mind as you form your answers will show that you’re the right person for the job.

How to Prepare for Cancer Research UK Assessment?

Adequate preparation for the Cancer Research UK Assessment requires time and practice ahead of your assessments. Getting a good score within the time allotted is vital in order to move on through their hiring process. Tips to achieve your goal of landing the job all circle back to using practice questions and tests to boost your confidence, speed, and accuracy of completing their assessments when you eventually take them.

By preparing ahead of time with practice assessments, you will not only ensure that you are ready for Cancer Research UK’s hiring process, but you will have all of the tools necessary to succeed in your goal of employment.