Bell Leadership Tests

What Is the Bell Leadership Institute?

Bell Leadership Institute was founded in 1972 by Dr Gerald D Bell, a Doctor of Psychology and author of The Achievers. The Bell Leadership Institute provides executive training and leadership coaching, as well as providing assessment tests to determine and individual’s strengths as a leader, and corporate assessments to determine the health of a corporation as a whole. They offer a series of executive retreats and custom off-site programs. Their leadership training seminars and assessments are used in 50 countries, by over 5,000 organizations.

What Are the Bell Leadership Assessment Surveys?

The Bell Personality Profile

The Bell Personality profile is a tool used to identify the strengths and weaknesses in leadership and to provide them feedback on how to modify their behaviours to achieve success. The test is given online. The results are confidential and provided only to the test taker. The Bell Personality Profile measures 6 dimensions that they find to be key in leadership. These are:



->Goal Setting

->Response to Mistakes

->Response to Stress

The Bell Personality Profile is designed to complement the Achievers I corporate Leadership training developed by Bell Leadership Institute.

The Leaders Job Survey

Another psychometric testing tool used to enhance Bell Leadership training, the Leaders Job Survey is used to evaluate leadership qualities that enhance a companies performance. A numerical score and personal feedback about how they embody each of the personality traits measured are provided to the participants. Bell Leadership categorizes core leadership competencies as:

->The Entrepreneur

->The Competitor

->The Producer

->The Stabilizer

->The Team Builder

->The Creator

Peak Performance Survey

The peak performance survey is used with the Bell Advanced Time Management and Productivity seminar. It measures the test taker’s performance in what Bell terms the & Domains Of Happiness, to help evaluate your productivity and performance in both your personal and private life. Bell Leadership Identifies the 7 Domains of Happiness as:


->Loving Relationships




->Spirituality and Community


How to Prepare for Bell’s Leadership Tests?

The Bell leadership tests are all designed to enhance the leadership seminars they are a part of. Since many companies are beginning to turn to these seminars as training for new management, or continuing education for current executive staff members, familiarizing yourself with the Bell Leadership Model can help you enhance your performance on these tests. Since the tests are designed to help determine your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, it is important to answer the questions honestly. There are no right or wrong answers, as the Bell Leadership Model categorizes different personality traits under different leadership styles and the provided feedback is mean to help you create a plan of action with which to improve your job performance. Most importantly approach the Bell Leadership assessments as what they were designed to be. A career-advancing tool, that will help you develop your leadership skills, and work your way to the top.